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19 April

Our new website has been Launched

We are proud to announce that our official web site has been deployed. Thorugh this channel we will keep you in update with new diamond in our Catalog, technical data and new release.

Testimonials / What Our Clients Say

  • I am doing business with 'POB Diamonds Forever' for a while. The Diamonds stock along with quality is the best and the rare I have found between the competitors retailers. For any question or consultation , 'POB Diamonds Forever' was available and informative. Credibility & Reduced prices are the motives which will engage me as a customer to keep on doing business with 'POB Diamonds Forever'.
    Michael, Diamond Retailer
  • I was pleased buy from 'POB Diamonds Forever' , the service, price and quality was features I didn't found in other retailers nor in Street shop, I will definitely find myself buying and doing business with 'POB Diamonds Forever'.
    Eli, Client
  • Their diamonds are best sellers. The diamond quality along with understanding market need is rare and superior. I found myself more then once , taking their advice about the next diamonds shick , which retrospectively was precise and correct. My choice is 'POB Diamonds Forever'.
    Mark, Shop Owner